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Who said moving has to be hard? There are tips, tricks, and resources to help streamline your entire relocation process from start to finish. From local neighborhood guides to moving advice, we've got you covered. After all, when you choose to work with the Marlo T Wells Team, you can rest assured that we'll be there to support you long after the close.

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Moving Tips to Streamline Your Relocation

With a little planning, and a lot of organization, your move can be as easy as pack, label, unpack. The sooner you get started, the easier youre move will be. For a more detailed guide to moving, check out our three big steps below.

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Before You Move

It's time to get planning! Start by going through every room in your house and getting rid of all your clutter. Once that is done, go through and aim to reduce your belongings by at least a third. Pick out the clothes you never wear or that you've outgrown, the knick knacks that lack sentimental value, and any other items you really just don't need anymore!

Consider starting up an eBay account, having a yard sale if the weather permits, or making a bulk donation to your local thrift store. As you're doing this, start collecting packing materials. Hit up your local big box stores to see if they can part with any of their old boxes, and buy plenty of packing tape, labels, and other organizational tools.

As Moving Day Approaches

Pack up your home one room at a time. Start with the lesser-used rooms, like your home office or gym. Carefully label or color-code each box by the room it belongs to. As soon as you're able, begin packing up seasonal clothing that's not being used, or any other objects you don't use on the daily.

Consider packing fragile items with your heavy winter clothing or extra throw pillows. Carefully wrap paintings or any decorations you have, and we really can't stress this enough: label absolutely everything! The sooner you start, the less overwhelming this task will be.

During the Move

The night before your move, get all of your "must-have" belongings together. Pack things like personal toiletries, your wallet and phone, your address book, a phone charger, instant coffee, a change of clothes, and snacks in a backpack and keep it with you at all time. If you're using a professional team of movers, be sure you have their information handy.

Once you arrive at your new home, try to spend a few minutes cleaning the interior. Vaccuum any carpeting, carefully clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and be sure there's absolutely no construction materials or old belongings present.

Explore Local Clayton Neighborhoods

From new-construction communities to wonderful equestrian neighborhoods, Clayton is home to a dazzling array of wonderful communities for you to call home. Here are some of our favorites!


Luxury living never looked so good.

Bay Leaf Farm

Rolling hills, green meadows, and select homes await.

Broadmoor West

Breathe in that fresh country air.


Elegant Southern homes and stunning equestrian amenities.

Renaissance Park

Beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and luxurious amenities abound.

Turner Farms

Conveniently located and perfectly private.

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